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Tour of Jabiru & Leisure Build aviation firms

Went on a tour of Jabiru & Leisure Build this morning, thanks to Ron Bishop, the Bundaberg Campus aviation lecturer. In total there were eight or nine people – four from aviation, two education, one IT and a photographer and Ron.  It was fun to see how the planes are made, and all the different stages they go through. We got to see the assembly and manufacture stages, starting from the cutting and shaping of the first fibreglass parts, to seeing the fuselage ready for assembly, to parts shrink wrapped and ready to ship or assemble. Would you believe that real planes come in boxes to!?!

I also got a chance to sit it in a real plane,and fiddle with the controls as well. Although  two of us sat in the back seats of one of the planes, and it sort of tried to go tail down, but we covered up by saying we were testing the strength of the tail ;-).

We then went across to Leisure Build, who manufacture the fuselages and when a plane needs constructing, also put a plane together when Jabiru send them a kit. We were lucky enough to see the wings being put on a plane whilst were there!!!


There are more photos on my Picasa album here.

Secondary Robotics Challenge

Well, the Secondary Robotics challenge is finally off the ground, and will be running as scheduled on the 5th of December (tomorrow). After a frantic last week of publicity and promotion in order to get sufficient numbers for the event to be feasible, we have guaranteed 3 teams, with at aleast another two teams expected to be there on the day. Not as many people as we were hoping for, but at least it’s a start, and the fewer numbers may actually be in our favour for this inaugural event.

First week of the term flown by already!

Am studying two courses this term, one about assessment and reporting, and the other about literacy and numeracy, and the first week of term has flown straight past already. I had a teletutorial this evening, which nicely deconstructed what is involved in the first assignment for this course, and how to use the new course website. So, maybe it’s time to start doing some work. And I have another teletutorial this evening for the other course, which will also be breaking down the assessment and structure of this course, so that should be good.

Now that I have re-structured my program so that I’m not on placement next year until after all my university courses are completed, I feel much happier in continuing on with my secondary education program, and there is finally light at the end of the tunnel!

Nearly there!

Finished and submitted the chemistry prac report, and the biology designer animal assignments on Friday… and there is only one more assignment to go… yipee! Now, if Australian Idol stop producing some good talent.. and doing decent music… I might be able to actually get some work done on it instead of searching my music libraries for the original songs… sigh.

On a lighter note, I have actually managed to get some work on said assignment and may actually have something to show Wendy tomorrow.

Hard slog for the next few days…

After a few days of not much sleep, there is only a glimmer of hope… my last assignment is due in on next Friday, so the end must be near.

There, I’ve said it… I can now move on! Only two assignments to finish by tomorrow afternoon… no pressure! 🙂

I’ve watched two movies over the last two days… ‘Fast and Furious’ and ‘Screamers: The Hunting’. Thoroughly enjoyed Fast and Furious… it is what the second movie should have been (but wasn’t) – all the original actors and characters, had a good story and great stunts. ‘Screamers: The Hunting’ wasn’t too bad… but the ending strongly smells (hm, can a movie smell?) of a one or two more movies…

Am just watching the 7PM project… any takers for the sale of Channel Ten? And water has been found on mars… but you’ll still only be able to water the garden between 6pm and 8pm… there is a bit of a water shortage! And what about the 33 year old who has $58 million… he certainly must enjoy what he’s doing to have got there! 🙂 And after the commercial break the world goes mad… they’re talking about women drinking alcohol before having sex due to a lack of confidence about their body image. Weird… Andy is exactly right… it doesn’t matter how great their boobs look, etc… as long as they’re female and have nipples… that works for most men! :). And what about the Indian cricket team’s coach who’s advised his team to have sex before they play… in order to improve their game ?!

And in the late news… gotta give it up for the daring robbers who flew a stolen helicopter onto the roof of a security company in Sweden and used sledgehammers to break through the roof, making of with a rug and cash, flying off into night. Not that I condone the theft… but it was a daring robbery nonetheless.

End of a busy week

Well, I’ve taught my two lessons for the day, and know what I’ll be doing next week. Still have a couple of (major) problems that I need to resolve, and I can hopefully turn that around over the course of my next two visits, as I won’t be (much) teaching over the next two weeks.

Anyway, almost time to go home, crash at the end of a long week, and watch a couple of movie’s. And work on my assignments.

The story so far… and preparation for Friday’s class

Now that have submitted my chemistry assignment, and Brett has sent me a status update for the two classes I’ll be teaching tomorrow, I can start planning what I will be teaching tomorrow. I already have a rough idea how I want the Year 10 science class to go, and Brett has suggested a video that will nicely round of the “Energy and Food Webs” workbook. I then start with booklet four, and see how much we cover in the remainder of the lesson. So now I just have to write up the PowerPoint and lesson plan, which I am working on right now :-).
The second class that I have to plan for, Year 8 Core Studies A, is interesting, as it is a repeat class for me, as the last one didn’t go so well, so Brett has given me the option of him not covering that content and me having a second attempt at it. The only problem is, I haven’t been able to find any decent support material for it. I can find plenty of stuff on perimeter and area, but nothing that covers volume. So that one will take a little more thinking, and at the present time, I’m thinking of using the worksheet that I didn’t end up using last week, and just exercise a little more behaviour management this time :-\.

Chemistry prac report finished

Finished writing the prac report for the methyl acetate kinetics chemistry prac from Tuesday (really finished it on Tuesday evening but I needed to get a copy of Oke’s graph, as she graphed one set of data and I did the other set). As usual though, I’ll keep hold of it until Thursday afternoon just in case I need to make changes to it.

I won’t say that the prac or the report was easy, but it was an enjoyable prac, as it put the theory into perspective, and the aim of the prac and what we were did make sense in the end.

I have to admit, though, that this is all mostly due to the tutoring that we have been receiving from Desirae, who has done a fantastic job of explaining all the material, and her way of explaining things makes a lot of the hard stuff just seem so easy!

Unit Planning… exciting or painful?

Well, I have been hashing out what I am doing for my Middle Phase Pedagogy assignment. I worked out the topic the other day, changing it at the last minute from genetics to ecology. I know the year level, year 10, and I know which Essential Learning(s) it will be based on. I even know that I want between 12 and 14 lessons for the unit, or between 4 and 5 weeks of work, whichever comes first. Now all I need to do is write four of the lessons, do a critical reflection, and submit it by Friday…. um, maybe not!
Anyway, it looks it will actually be fun, so I’m now regretting that I left it late, and didn’t start on it two weeks ago, as last week was blanked out by my block placement. And I lose Thursday evening to planning for Friday’s teaching, and then Friday mainly to teaching. So I just have tomorrow morning/afternoon to write the lessons + critical review if I want to meet the Friday deadline. However, I also need to email my mentor teacher resources for the Friday lesson, so that comes first. And on top of that, I also have 6 hours of classes on Thursday… so not much spare time!
So I think that the this assignment will be held over for the weekend, and I will have fun working on it over the weekend.

Assignments just can’t be this easy

Was working on my chemistry assignment yesterday, and I couldn’t get over the fact that I managed to answer 80% of the assignment in just a few hours. I made a few mistakes, but Zane and Oke picked them up and put me on the right track. So I can safely leave the assignment until Thursday afternoon after Desirae’s next tutorial session. And talking of the tutorial, they have been a lifesaver, as Desirae’s just has a way of making everything make sense, so in the tutorials I’ve leant more in two weeks than the last four weeks of lectures.