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How am I expected to get any work done?

Have just finished writing the last of my entries for Torts A (which will be released tomorrow morning), and thought I had to put this picture up. Seriously, I should have listed ‘Worzel’ as one of my barriers or challenges for Torts A at the start of the term – she insists on sleeping ‘on’ my notes or textbook, or sitting on the table in front of the computer monitor… making it a bit hard to read! She has her own half of the table on her blanket… but do you think that is good enough for her?!

This is where worzel belongs

This is where worzel belongs

This is where Worzel sleeps and distracts

This is where Worzel sleeps and distracts

My blog has a new home!

As part of my acquisition of my own website domain at, my blog now has a new web address at If you use the old address, it will still work as blogger will redirect you to the blogs new home, but if you want to stay up-to-date with the latest stuff, and ensure you can access it in the future (especially if I move to a different blogging platform, not that I am planning to at present)… now is a good time to update you bookmarks!

Middle of the year… yippee!!!

Well, I survived Term 1, got some good grades for my education courses (the ones that count, anyway) and have a good placement out at Springsure (south of Emerald). That plus I’ve finally had a weeks downtime before the new term starts next week, and the promise of a reduced study workload next term, plus some coaching from one of my lecturers before I go back to Springsure in school Term 4 to do my EPL3 means life is looking up! About time things started going right again! 🙂

But just to make sure that I don’t slack off and enjoy this lull time, I’ve also made sure I’ve committed myself to plenty of non-study stuff, such as robotics sessions/lessons at Bundaberg North Primary, participating in CQUniversity’s robotics workshops and competitions, planning and preparation for T4 teaching at Springsure, and sitting in classes that I can’t enrol in but would like to! At least I feel that I can commit to all this other, admittedly, enjoyable stuff and remain sane! And if I can’t, I can dump something to ensure I can keep going. So there is in fact method to the madness.

The year so far…

What can I say… January has brought some good and bad times with it. For the good times, spending time with Danni has been great, even if it’s only at her house, and sometimes when she has to look after her sisters baby, Zeik. Hey, you take what you can get… neither of us can drive, so our parents do what they can to help. So that’s the good thing that’s happened to me… Danni.

Now, for the bad things that have happened, it’s easily described in one word… study aka uni, during term 3, which is bad, as it means I haven’t had a decent break from study in a quite while.

So, good things and bad things… good things win, … being with Danni makes everything else go away… it’s good!

Broadband at last!

Well, if it wasn’t for the speed at which our broadband modem was sent, I would not be writing this post celebrating the fact that we now finally have broadband at home. After having our dial-up cut off yesterday and contacting our provider, only to be told to setup a new dial-up connection (to no avail), and contacting them again and being told (at last) that our broadband application had been received and as a result, our broadband was active and the dial-up had been suspended. So, now all we needed was the modem. Well, luckily enough it was couried and arrived this afternoon, and after plugging it in and switching it on… I….. JUST…… WORKED!!!

Can’t say any better than that! And after plugging it into my wireless router/switch, I can now how two laptops + up to 4 computers (probably 1 for now) + an iPod touch online at the same time. Sweet! And with unlimited 1.5M broadband… it’s fast! Now, can I stay away from facebook for long enough then?!

Getting back on the horse

Well, it’s Term 3 2010 @ CQUni, and I’m in the slow process of starting uni studies again, after a much needed but much too short two week break from study. However, I now have another reason to get study over and done with… I now have a girlfriend, and as a result, want to spend as much time as possible not studying (preferably with her, of course)!

We met at uni, and are studying two very different topic areas. We spoke after a spot of matchmaking by my supposed friends, and have been going out for the past two months now. For this, I am glad to have had those friends! We had a very good weekend, and it will be interesting to see what happens over the course of the next few weeks.

Fresh Start… otherwise known as 2010!!!

Urgh… to early in the morning… where did the year go? Well, it’s 12:01 on the 1st of January 2010, so Happy New Year to everyone, and I hope that the new year brings plenty of joy and prosperity!

Merry Christmas

This is a scheduled post, as I won’t be online on Christmas Day, as I’ll be busy shredding wrapping paper and visiting my girlfriend. However, I would like to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!!!

Christmas time!!!

Well, that time is upon us again! The lights are up, the Christmas decorations are out and the tree is up. I was busy the other day wrapping presents for Mum, and space is running out under the tree. And since I’ve handed in my last assignment for the year, I don’t really know what to do, so I’ve been tidying up, listening to music and reading, so it’s been a relaxing couple of days. Will be going over to my girlfriends place for the afternoon, so that should be interesting, as her family is having an open house Christmas party.

Why I hate christmass

No kidding… I like Christmas just as much as the next person… but, hm, this begs the question of how much does the next person like Christmas? lol. Two things I hate about christmass is the outright commercialism of what used to be a christian holiday (and I’m not banging the religious drums here… it’s just a  fact), how there are even more people one the roads, more people between me and the exit when going through the checkouts, and work Christmas parties… which make it a pain to arrange a date with your girlfriend when they suddenly decide to hold a Christmas party on the day you arranged to go out. sigh.