Girls and Boys in the MIST is an event that was started a few years ago by Dr Rosie Thrupp. My role in this event prior to this year was as a presenter, but this year I agreed to also help with the organisation and preparation for the event.

What is MIST?

MIST is an acronym which describes the four foundation subject areas that the event strives to promote – namely, Mathematics, ICTs, Science and Design Technology. Schools are invited to send a number of their students to participate in workshops, which are typically run by university students, teachers or industry partners. Each workshop exposes children to one or more facets of MIST, and strives to engage children in these areas in a meaningful and engaging manner.

This year (2011), MIST is run over two days, with one day (25th of Oct) being a girls day, and the second day (the 26th of Oct) being a boys day. There is no change in the workshops being offered, the only major change is the gender of the students present on the day, and as a result, the workshops will be tailored to the interests and needs of the students.

Volunteer Information Pack (2011)

Includes the following:

  1. Running sheet – shows the program for the days, and who is doing what.
  2. Information sheet and timetable for the day for volunteers
  3. Individual event listing and volunteer roster  for the girls and boys days

Events on the 25th
Events on the 26th

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