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Tour of Jabiru & Leisure Build aviation firms

Went on a tour of Jabiru & Leisure Build this morning, thanks to Ron Bishop, the Bundaberg Campus aviation lecturer. In total there were eight or nine people – four from aviation, two education, one IT and a photographer and Ron.  It was fun to see how the planes are made, and all the different stages they go through. We got to see the assembly and manufacture stages, starting from the cutting and shaping of the first fibreglass parts, to seeing the fuselage ready for assembly, to parts shrink wrapped and ready to ship or assemble. Would you believe that real planes come in boxes to!?!

I also got a chance to sit it in a real plane,and fiddle with the controls as well. Although  two of us sat in the back seats of one of the planes, and it sort of tried to go tail down, but we covered up by saying we were testing the strength of the tail ;-).

We then went across to Leisure Build, who manufacture the fuselages and when a plane needs constructing, also put a plane together when Jabiru send them a kit. We were lucky enough to see the wings being put on a plane whilst were there!!!


There are more photos on my Picasa album here.