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Chemistry prac report finished

Finished writing the prac report for the methyl acetate kinetics chemistry prac from Tuesday (really finished it on Tuesday evening but I needed to get a copy of Oke’s graph, as she graphed one set of data and I did the other set). As usual though, I’ll keep hold of it until Thursday afternoon just in case I need to make changes to it.

I won’t say that the prac or the report was easy, but it was an enjoyable prac, as it put the theory into perspective, and the aim of the prac and what we were did make sense in the end.

I have to admit, though, that this is all mostly due to the tutoring that we have been receiving from Desirae, who has done a fantastic job of explaining all the material, and her way of explaining things makes a lot of the hard stuff just seem so easy!

Chem prac

Just finished two prac sessions for CHEM11008, and it has been a most enjoyable day. Both the amino acid identification and the pH determination pracs were interesting, and there was also a hands-on molecular model building session, which helped put the molecular descriptions into context. Now I’m disappointed that there will be a whole month before we do the next prac sessions.

Things are looking up for organic chemistry

The problems that we have been having with CHEM11008 – organic chemistry – have been resolved now. The entire chemistry group is now working with a private tutor for two hours each week, and we are lucky enough to have engaged the tutor who taught the course for the last ten years at the bundaberg campus, so she really knows her stuff.

The first session was yesterday, and I’m glad to say that the material that has been covered is starting to make sense, so the rest of the term is looking good!

Chemistry isn’t going to well

Well, not only do I not even know when and how the chemistry pracs are going to run, but the tutorials that I (and the other students as well) were relying on this term have been canceled. Greg isn’t helping… he gives excuses as to why he’s not running the tutorial over ISL, so I’ve arranged a meeting with the Head of Campus for Bundaberg, and we’re going to talk with him and see if there is anything he can do to help