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WIN TVs new SD channel starts test transmissions

Last night, when my regular EPG scan ran, I noticed that there was a new entry for WIN-TV. When I checked it, I realised it was the new ‘GO!’ channel that they have been advertising for the last few weeks. Below is the message being broadcast at the present time.

WINs new Standard Definition channel 88, GO! is nearly here bringing the young and young-at-heart, more choice in entertainment and first run programs with a focus on viewers aged 14-39. And the best thing about Go! its absolutely free! GO! Programming will commence on channel 88 from 6.30pm Sunday August 9th 2009.

So, I will be looking forward to seeing what new shows will be broadcast. After reviewing the schedule for the first few days, there are one or two new shows that look like they might be interesting, but other than that, it appears to be mostly repeats for the present. However, it is early days and time will tell if this new channel will be any good.