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Young people (Gen Y) may not actually prefer MP3 to CD quality!

In contrast to popular belief by the record and media industries, this article discusses the findings of a small study which aimed to find out whether young people (Generation Y) actually preferred MP3 quality music to CD or lossless audio quality, as a unofficial study by a Stanford university professor was taken by the media, and thereafter reported as hard facts. However, as Sean points out in his article, 67% of the participants preferred CD quality sound when given the choice, and 72% preferred speakers that accurately reproduced sound (when compared with four various quality speakers).

Audio Musings by Sean Olive: Some New Evidence That Generation Y May Prefer Accurate Sound Reproduction

Nearly there!

Finished and submitted the chemistry prac report, and the biology designer animal assignments on Friday… and there is only one more assignment to go… yipee! Now, if Australian Idol stop producing some good talent.. and doing decent music… I might be able to actually get some work done on it instead of searching my music libraries for the original songs… sigh.

On a lighter note, I have actually managed to get some work on said assignment and may actually have something to show Wendy tomorrow.