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I love Google…

… but not literally! Anyway, I’ve been playing around with the Google Docs Forms, and found it very useful in creating an online application form for the Commerce Student Club, which will make it so much easier to manage new members. In addition, I’ve been playing around with Google Groups, and have come to the opinion that it is exactly what I need for my software development website, as I want a support forum for it, where users can complain and compliment my software and resources, as well as offer suggest and request features. So the portableDev website now has its own blog as well as its own support forum. Now I only need to start working on software and other stuff to put on it 🙂

Oh, the joys of new software…

We (Grandad & I) use a model aircraft flight simulator called PhoenixRC, which is vastly superior to anything else that we have encountered (cue dismissive sniff at RealFlight G4). Anyway, it would appear that the latest (major) update to the Phoenix simulator has taken a turn for the worse. They updated the physics engine in the simulator, but unfortunately this has resulted in the flight of the planes being very realistic and life like, to now being no better than Realflight, where the planes do some pretty impossible things. So, unfortunately, we have rolled back to the previous version of PhoenixRC, and will be keeping an eye out for some fixes to the physics before trying the new version again.

Microsoft Office 2007

I tried the Microsoft Office 2007 trial for a while about two months ago, and had to say that I liked some of the new features that were implemented, such as the quick access toobar, and the tabular/categorised and collapsible toolbar/menu system better known as the ‘ribbon’.

Recently I noticed that there is a promotion for uni students, which allows students to purchase either a one year subscription to MS Office for $25, or to purchase it outright for $75, available from Sounds great! there’s also a competition for either a years worth of music downloads, a samsung mobile phone, a HP laptop pre-loaded with Microsoft Vista, or a scooter, which I’ve (of course) entered in. I bags the laptop!